2023.03.22, Wednesday - szandi


We have enjoyed so much our visit to the Nationals in the USA in September 2022.

This was without any doubt the most professional event we have ever been to. The conformation show days were 4 but before many activity competitions were hold on the same site. The number of entries was 380! Only pembroke corgis! Just wow!

For our biggest proudness our young boy Born To Be Your Signature got a lovely 2nd place in Puppy Sweepstakes, while on the next day he went for the 4th place.

The day after his father Chip - Aubrey's Son of a Preacher Man - competed in the huge open class with 117 dogs in the class. We were divided in 5 groups and from each groups 2-3 dogs were selected. We were AMONG them! I could jump out myself! It was overwhelming to receive the lovely compliments from many breeders and the show went on. All selections in the groups went to the final where Winners Dog was selected. What an incredible competition it was! We were in the final 20 with Chip which is truly an amazing result on such prestigeous show. When I looked around I just felt that the quality is so huge and basically I would bring home any of my competitors because they all looked so lovely.

We enjoyed all the awesome dinners, auctions and travels we did after the show to Niagara Falls and New York City. We came home with the best memories and some exceptional corgi souvenirs.

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